Dear Western Peoples!

Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev

There is much anger in Kazakhstan nowadays. The english funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen has made much fun of our great country to the rest of the world. He has put much mocking on us. Especially with his character he calls Borat. It is not even a popular Kasakh name.

We want to tell all those who make fun of us that he is really an actor who is try to portray us as a drunk fighting people. We are not like this at all.

We are a good cultured hard worker people. Kazakh people work long and hard and take pride in our nation.

Borat has made us look a lot embarrassed and many towns and villagers have become angry.

We ask all western peoples to come and see our country and see the advancement of our society. We have a good reputation in the region and don't need to be made look like a country who has horse and cart on the highway instead of truck and car (maybe you would see that only in Uzbekstan).

Do not make bad the good name of our country!!!!

And many more testimonials from angry people of Kazakhstan:

- We not like Borat!
- Borat is wrong!
- We have way much culture.
- Kazakhstan people are not like Borat says.
- Kazakhstan people are much educated too!
- Do not believe Borat. Kazakh people like the Jew.
- Kazakhstan is not stupid country.
- Borat makes lie about Kazakhstan!

And political observers in the west are siding with ourselves too!

James Taranto from Wall Strit Jurnal support our protest saying:"If this doesn't make people start taking Kazakhstan seriously, nothing will!"

All products specially designed by best People’s Artist of Kazakhstan Erbolat Satybaldiyevich


We are a collectiv of common conscientious citizens of Kazakhstan who can't tolerate when someone puts mocking on us. We demand that everyone on the world takes us seriously and knows that we are serious peoples, like Uzbekistan.

All our collective including leaders, organizers, agitators, peoples artist Qasymzhomartbayev (center), web design group (right) two uzbekis wearing ties (back) and gypsy help (back in distance)

We make protest in Karaganda town where people can have cable to watch Borat all the time

We make vote to start website and delegate domain registration to best peoples technicians

We go disco dancing to celebrate launch of website.

Then our collective goes winter swimming in river to make strong spirits

This is from where best peoples technicians day and night transmit on the rest of the world

What Kazakh people say about Borat:

"Borat has made us look a lot embarrassed."

"Borat make lie about our country. We have music."

"We don't have horse and cart on the highway. Maybe you would see that only in Uzbekstan."

"We have tractors!"

"That funnyman has made much fun of our great country to the rest of the world."

"Many towns and villagers have become angry."

"We also have cheerleaders!"

Kazakhstani Against Borat
©2005 Kazakstan's Ministry of Interest